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Play live roulette

Play live roulette is very different than play those electronic videogames simulating the mechanic roulette table. Most players who stake real money on roulette preffers to play live roulette than an online roulette game. Live roulette are streamed in real time and players can watch every detail of the spin and interact with the dealer.

Because roulette is one of the preffered casino game for most of punters, you can play a live version in a variety of reputable casinos.

Recently the live roulette became something even more interesting as it can be played live at real land casinos. Players are familiar playing live roulette through live dealer studios serving online casinos the demand for live games, but the latest trend is to play live roulette streamed from brick and mortar casinos.

Online gaming companies are closing interesting agreements with popular land based casinos allowing players from any country to take a seat and play live roulette alongside punters physically present in those casinos. This innovation bring the live roulette entertainment to the next level. While live dealer studios says their games looks like you are in a real casino, in this new trend you really are playing from a real casino.

Live dealer studios: real casinos exclusively built to serve online casinos with live games.

Real casinos online: allows players (online and offline) play together in a real casino making the online gaming something real. Check the live roulette from Saint Vincent Resort Casino

Casino players in United Kingdom, for example, can play a real casino in Italy without leave the UK. You can interact with the dealer and other players and also watch people who stop in the table to see the gameplay.

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September 2021