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Play live Bingo

Yes, you can play live bingo games streamed in HD

I found an interesting site to play Bingo with live dealers. Usually online bingo sites offers that video-game style bingo but it lacks a real person drawing the balls. In my last visit in Malta, I was introduced to a new casino site which offers something really innovative when it comes to live bingo games. It's a bingo version which can be played live with real person. There are two different versions of the game called Lucky 7 and Lucky 5.

Premier Live Casino offers this interesting live version of bingo game

Play live Bingo

You may noticed that most of bingo sites are quite the same as just a few features may change: graphics, sounds, layout, prizes. Basically you play an electronic online video bingo and that's it. Different bingo game providers may offers you some unique aspects of the game but in overall still the same online bingo game.

I found an interesting site that is offering live bingo. I tested, I approved and I return regularly to enjoy a collection of live games they have online ( including bingo ).

So, play live bingo is something you can definitely do. They have two different versions: Lucky 7 and Lucky 5. You don't need to download. Simply fill a short registration form and you will be ready to go.

The game starts in every 4 minutes and each round takes approximately 1 minute. Then you will have to way about 3 minutes until the next round start. This gives you some time to stake some money or just still online watching until you feel your lucky round is up.

Play live bingo online is very cool. The live women are friendly and entertaining making this live bingo room a nice entertainment option.

This site not only offer live bingo but other cool live games online usually not found at any other online casino. You can play Dice and the popular Big Wheel of Fortune are another attractions there, just to name a few. Visit the site and take a look !

See you there !

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September 2021