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Casino Big Wheel

The Big Six Wheel is also know as The Wheel of Fortune

I found a gambling site that offers the Big Wheel game or "The Wheel of Fortune", that one which always have a luxury car as part of the drawing at Las Vegas casinos.

The popular Big Wheel is also available online in real time, with a friendly dealer. You only have to signup and start trying your luck. The game is available 24/7 every 5 minutes and is live, in real time. You can play the famous Big Wheel to win real money using your tablet, mobile phone or laptop. (No download is required). The live game starts instantly in your browser.

No matter what game and where you are playing (casinos in Las Vegas or United Kingdom), every time you stop playing and decide to walk out you will go through the famous Big Wheel and then you wanted to try your luck in this game. The Big Wheel is always visible and full of lights and music around it. When I was sippin' my drink after a long Blackjack session, I was looking for the people walking in and leaving the casino. Most of them stopped for a few seconds to check the Big Wheel and the luxury car in front of it. Why not try your luck? $5, $10, $50, $100 ... people walking through the casino can choose any amount to spin.

The game is just like "The Wheel of Fortune" TV show. That's why it became popular on TV and Casinos. People already knows how to play because there are not difficult rules here, simply the spin button just like a slot machine. You can really have fun playing the Wheel Of Fortune game with your friends while enjoying your favorite drink.

The option here is a live game streamed in HD. You can watch other players in action and start playing at any time.

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September 2021