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Play live Blackjack Party

You can now play live Blackjack Party with real money, the same Blackjack available in Las Vegas lounges, nightclubs and pools at live dealers online casinos. Cool music, good-looking dealers and a laid back live gaming environment to play and hangout with friends. Grab your favourite drink, pump-up the volume and come to the Blackjack Party !

I love to play this one as I feel the same way when in Vegas. We usually play at these Blackjack lounges in Vegas before go to a nightclub and guess what, nothing has changed when it comes to online casinos !

About Blackjack Party at Casinos

I found a very cool version of online live Blackjack that takes me to the good old Las Vegas mood. When I'm in Vegas, me and my friends met on Blackjack tables to hangout a for some hours prior to heading to any nightclub. These tables are not located in the main casino floor, but in very stylish lunges. There are good music, good drinks, beautiful people and yes... a lot of fun. Usually, some Las Vegas casinos offers this kind of gambling lounge near the pool area in the summer, or near the nightclub. It's an area people can chill out with friends while playing some Blackjack hands with much-loved dealers (and very professionals).

I miss all this relaxed entertainment environment at live dealers online casinos. All options are streamed from live casino studios and real live casinos, but just like me, there are a lot of players who want something more than play. I want a good entertainment and relax, meeting friends and having fun.

So, I was browsing my favourite online casino some night when I found something really interesting: Blackjack Party . The name says it all .. they finally tried to reproduce those cool Las Vegas lounges including music, good looking dealers and a blackjack pit with a different mood. In Las Vegas, you can find different types of Blackjack Party pits. In the Fremont Street, I saw beautiful models as dealers alongside exotic dancers. At The Encore Las Vegas, they made available a Blackjack table near the pool area. There are different versions but all of them caters for players looking for a different gaming experience.

I know there is an issue about the house edge which is not good at land based casinos, as you have beautiful women dealing cards, exotic dancers etc. When playing online the thing is a little bit different when it comes to the house edge.

Below you can check some pictures I took from the Blackjack lounges in Las Vegas and also some pictures from the Blackjack Party pit I'm playing online.

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September 2021